“I Guess That’s Just the Farmer in us All”

My purpose in writing this blog is to hopefully allow you, my readers to realize that the agriculture industry has something to offer for everyone. Therefore,  I would like to explain to you the reason behind why I chose the name “The farmer in us all.”

Tim McGraw has a song entitled, “The Cowboy in Me.” For those of you who don’t listen to country music, no worries! Here is the rundown. The song goes through a list of traits and characteristics and how each one pertains to the cowboy within him.

The last line of the song is my favorite because it states, “We ride and never worry about the fall, I guess that’s just the cowboy in us all.”

Whether we are cowboys or not, this line is something we can all relate to because we all have goals that we are working for, and are aware of the possibility of failure, but that doesn’t stop us from working towards them anyway.

Ryan Goodman, author of the blog Agriculture Proud, shared a poem in one of his articles that highlights many of the characteristics that a farmer possesses.

Some of them include: honesty, hard work, service, and family oriented.

I believe that it is fair to assume that no matter our lifestyle, we all strive in one way or another to obtain a few of these same traits for ourselves.

It doesn’t matter if the place you hang your hat is on a ranch in Wyoming, or if downtown Manhattan is where you call home, because we all strive for the characteristics that the agriculture industry stands for.

“I guess that’s just the farmer in us all”

 I encourage all of you to make a conscious decision when it comes to the agriculture industry to be open minded, and take the time to find ways that you can be involved, because there truly is a place for everyone.  blogpost-1


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