64,000 Students Head to Indiana

On any given day, the streets of Indianapolis Indiana may look a little dull, but come the month of October you will find them decked out in blue and gold and crawling with thousands of students. FFA members around the country zip up their blue jackets to head to Indianapolis Indiana to attend the annual National FFA Convention.

The National FFA Convention provides multiple things for members to participate in while attending, such as entertainment, shopping, workshops, networking, and site seeing.


As I look out the window of the plane that is taking me to my very last convention where I will receive my American Degree, I am reminded of countless opportunities  that the FFA has given me over the years. The people I would have never met, the friendships I never would have made, and the person I would have never become.

This week I will walk the streets of Indianapolis, Indiana through a sea of blue jackets all worn by individuals that differ in backgrounds, appearances, and cultures, yet united by one thing: blue corduroy. That I believe, is the glory behind FFA; it provides equal opportunities and experiences for all of its members, which is evident through the excitement that fills the atmosphere at convention.

As I zip up my blue jacket for the last time this week, although it will be bittersweet, it will be a time of reflection, and a moment of pride for the very organization that has given me so much and will forever have a piece of my heart: The FFA.

To view live footage of the 89th annual National FFA Convention click here.


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