How Temple Grandin Influences the Agriculture Industry

I am a firm believer that the agriculture industry is home to some of the hardest working, most dedicated, and genuine people you will ever meet. One of those individuals is Temple Grandin.

Grandin is an animal science professor at Colorado State University. She has published many books about animal behaviors and her work within the industry. She is also a very well-known spokesperson for Autism.

In her TED Talk titled, “The world needs all kinds of minds,” Grandin explains how having Autism allowed her to introduce a new way of thinking into the agriculture industry. She explains that individuals with Autism pay a lot of attention to the small details, which are often overlooked.

She believes that paying close attention to detail and being a “visual thinker” are what have allowed her to have the most success when designing livestock facilities, especially slaughter houses, because it allowed her to view things from the animal’s perspective.

She is a prime example of how the agriculture industry can benefit from a variety of different individuals; each who bring new ideas to the table. The industry needs more people like Grandin who aren’t afraid to share their ideas and opinions just because they may be different from what has been practiced in the past.

The agriculture industry is constantly evolving and is in need of more people who are willing to think outside of the box.

I encourage all of you to look for the people in your own communities who have influenced the agriculture industry with their own innovative ideas.


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