3 Things that Make it Possible for 2% of the Population to Feed us All

Technology, Innovation, and Dedication. Three words that go hand in hand when it comes to the agriculture industry and feeding our ever growing population. It takes innovation to make technology, and dedication to make that technology a reality.


The dictionary’s definition of innovation is “a new method idea or product.” Every single technology that we have today started out as a single idea. John Deere for example, invented the first steel plow in 1837, which led to John Froelich’s invention of the first gasoline tractor in 1892. Today, we have tractors that can perform just about any task we need done. ¬†Innovation is not merely one idea, but rather one idea after another building off of each other, producing products that make it possible for the agriculture industry to survive .


Making that single idea into a reality is how we get technology. According to the Robotics Business Review, the top 5 agriculture technologies for 2014-2020 include agribots, precision agriculture, crop sensors, farm-based bio factories, and LED indoor crop technology. While the list of technologies that the agriculture industry uses could go on an on, there is no doubt that without it, we would be struggling to feed our population.


Change can be hard, but it is also inevitable. It takes dedication to take an idea, make it into a technology and then implement it into an industry. With the challenge of feeding a population of 9 billion by 2050, we need individuals who are dedicated to coming up with new ideas. Not only that but farmers and ranchers that are willing to use technologies to enhance their practices make all the difference. 9 billion people is a lot; and it’s going to take dedication from everyone in order to rise to the challenge.

Questions about LED indoor crop technology? Check out this video!


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